Ride On Stainless Steel Sandbox Digger Mini Backhoe


Horizontal Easy Grab Bars-Made Minnesota

"Maintenance Free Stainless Steel. Special needs easy horizontal grab bars.

Turns 360 degrees.Weight capacity is 400 lbs. Post mount or custom H base.

This sand box scoper digger mini backhoe   will last longer and be used more than all other playground sand diggers "because it is made  to".


Since 1973. playground equipment sales,playgrounds, commercial playground equipment, playground  Digger Backhoe Excavator.


Straight Bar Grab Handle-Made Minnesota

Easy to grab-easy to use. Left handle raises bucket, right handle digs and dumps.


Wheel Chair Accessible or stand and dig.

Kids love to stand and dig or can be used with a wheelchair.

Ride On Sand Digger -Scooper -Backhoe Types


Senior Playground Digger

Diggers are not just for kids!

Seniors can not resist trying this digger. Works your upper-lower core muscles, and imagination.


Fun For All.

Post Mount or Portable Base.


Portable Base

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