Ride On Stainless Steel Sandbox Digger Mini Backhoe


Horizontal Easy Grab Bars-Made Minnesota

"Maintenance Free Stainless Steel. Special needs easy horizontal grab bars.

Turns 360 degrees.Weight capacity is 400 lbs. Post mount or custom H base.

This sand box scooper digger mini backhoe   will last longer and be used more than all other playground sand diggers "because it is made  to".


Straight Bar Grab Handle-Made Minnesota

Easy to grab-easy to use. Left handle raises bucket, right handle digs and dumps.


Wheel Chair Accessible or stand and dig.

Kids love to stand and dig or can be used with a wheelchair.

Ride On Sand Digger -Scooper -Backhoe Types


Senior Playground Digger

Diggers are not just for kids!

Seniors can not resist trying this digger. Works your upper-lower core muscles, and imagination.


Fun For All.

Post Mount or Portable Base.


Portable Base

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