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Higley Welding stainless steel fire pit, metal steel fire pit cover lid


Higley Welding stainless steel fire pit, metal steel fire pit cover lid

  • Fire Pit Liners Round-Square-Hex
  • Spark Screens  & Metal Covers
  •  Cooking Grates
  • Playground  Diggers & Special Needs Bicycles


  • Fire Pit Liners Round-Square-Hex
  • Spark Screens  & Metal Covers
  •  Cooking Grates
  • Playground  Diggers & Special Needs Bicycles


Higley Welding Custom Made Spark Screens.

Lift Off Dome Stainless Steel Spark Screens

alt="Higley welding custom fire pit dome lift off spark screen"

We build Lift Off Dome Screens from 0-70" Diameter..

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Center Pivot Spark Screen

alt="Higley stainless steel center pivot spark screes"

Custom made stainless steel center pivot spark screens. Made one at a time from 0" - 65" Diameter

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Double wing door.

alt="Higley welding double door fire pit screen made stainless steel"

Double wing door fire pit screen.

Sizes 0" - 48". Made stainless steel.

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Square-Rectangular Spark Screens

alt=" Higley welding square rectangular stainless steel fire pit spark screen center mounted door."

We build square and rectangular fire pit screens up to 180" Perimeter. 

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Swivel Grills

Higley Fire Pits double wall liner with two swivel grills.

We build 2 basic types of fire pit swivel grills along with custom work.


Crank UP/Down Swivel Grill

alt=" Commercial Park Grill.Crank up/down swivel 360 deg"

New! Heavy Duty Parks Grill.30" x 36" Grill.Click on More Info. Call to order.

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Solid Fire Pit Covers.Conical Sloped or Flat

Conical/Sloped Cover Swirl Finish Stainless Steel.

alt="stainless steel conical fire pit cover lid spark screen."

36" 39" 42" 47" Diameters. Made type 304 Stainless Steel.  Conical,6" tall center with slope. Swirl Finish. Keeps out most water,snow,debris.Snuffs fire.

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Conical/Sloped Cover Standard 2-B Stainless Steel mill finish

alt="flat fire pit cover made from stainless steel with double wall fire pit."

  36" 39" 42" 47" Diameters. Made type 304 Stainless Steel.  Conical slope, 6" tall center with slope. Mill Finish.  Keeps out most water,snow,debris. Snuffs fire.

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Flat Stainless Steel Covers.

 Flat Design. Works great to set things on. Made 14 ga type 304 Stainless Steel.

Keeps the water out,snow,debris,rodents. Ect.

36" 40" only.

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Conical/Sloped Metal Painted Cover

alt="brown conical sloped fire pit cover."

 Metal Conical Pit Cover. Powder coat painted brown/bronze hammer finish.

 36" 39" 42" 47" Diameters. Made type 304 Stainless Steel.  Conical,6" tall center with slope. Swirl Finish. Keeps out most water,snow,debris.Snuffs fire. 

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Large Metal Powder Coat Painted Cover. 47" Diameter

 LARGE 47" Dia Cover.6" tall in center then slopes.

This cover must ship LTL Freight.

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Diamond Plate Aluminum Covers Up to 48"

alt="flat diamond plate aluminum fire pit cover."

Lays flat.Strong. Keeps water , snow, debris out and away.

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Fire Pit Liners

Stainless Steel Fire Pit Liners With Top Flange.

alt="stainless steel fire pit with 2" flange made higley welding rogers mn."

Made from Stainless Steel.

14" deep x 30"  36" 40" 45" Diameter. 409 Stainless Steel, 10 gauge thick material.

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Mild Steel Fire Pit Liner With Flange

alt="steel fire pit liner insert 14 deep with 2" flange."


Made from  Carbon Steel. We do not paint. It just burns off!

14" deep x 30"  36" 40" 45".409 Stainless Steel, 10 gauge thick material.

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Mild Steel Fire Pit Liner-No Flange

Basic fire pit liner or stand alone campfire rings.

Stock sizes are  26" 30" 36" 40" 45" 60" 70" 96" Diameters 


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Stainless Steel Fire Pit Liner - No Flange

alt=" deep stainless steel fire pit ring brick liner campfire ring.

Basic fire pit liner or stand alone campfire ring. 30" 36" 40" 45" 60" 72" and custom sizes. 14" or 12" deep.

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Drop in Tubs With Welded Bottom Plate. Available with Legs for use as free standing pit.

alt="fire pit bowl insert made from stainless steel with 2" flange and solid welded bowl."

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Tank End Fire Bowls.

alt="Tank end fire pit bowl 41" diameter x 21" deep x 3/8" thick steel."

Tank End Cap Fire Pits.

3/8" High Carbon Steel. Will "never" burn out.

41" diameter. 21" 18" 16" depth.

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About Us

Stainless Steel Fire Pit Covers & Fire Pit Liners

alt="double wall fire pit ring made stainless steel with swivel grill and weber cover."

fireplace screens Higley Welding is a small Minnesota Veteran owned garage shop welding & and fabrication shop. 

We offer fire pits for sale,outdoor fire pits,metal steel fire pit cover lid, dome conical pit covers,stainless steel fire pit spark screen,fire pit table,ride on sand diggers for parks and home.Our other products include,wheel chair rocking platform for those with special needs, 3 wheel bicycle axle conversion kit.Much More!


alt="double door stainless steel fire pit spark screen, made 304 stainless steel."

We build custom screens up to 80" Diameter. Dome,Center Pivot,Double Wing Door.Call to order. Ph 763-438-03

spark screen overview

Stainless Steel Playground Digger

alt="stainless steel sandbox digger with straight handle levers"

Higley Sandbox Diggers....We build Stainless Steel no rust,no maintenance ride on playground diggers.We now have adult models for Senior Playgrounds.Please visit our alternate digger playground site while this site is being built.

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Large 41" Diameter Fire Bowls

Fire Bowls Made From Tank Ends

This style fire bowl  has a 1/4" or 3/8" thick wall. It will never ware out in your life time. Hand cut from a large tank.

This item weighs approx 170 lbs and must ship LTL Freight.

alt=fire pit bowl with lift off dome spark screen from Higley Welding"

41 inch Deep Fire Pit Pedestal Base Hemisphere Shape

We can modify these bowls to you liking.

 Basic sale includes bowl and stainless steel cradle.  $699.00 plus $249.00 LTL Freight.

*Optional  Conical Fire Pit Cover or Stainless Steel Spark Screen.

alt="large fire pit bowl with stainless steel stand"

Use as fire pit or grill a burger.

99 yr warranty.

New Products! Custom Made Grills & Covers

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Tank End Fire Bowls

3 sizes. 41" Diameter 18" Diameter

16" Diameter fire bowls. Covers and screens optional.

Custom Cap Covers With Lip

alt="large fire pit bowl with snuff cover."

42" Cover with 1" or 2" Lip.



We not offer double wall square and round fire pit liners. Combine our stock sizes or call with your custom sizes. ph 763-438-0356

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Modern Square Fire Pit

Sloped sides square fire pit.Sizes up to 45".

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Aluminum Conical Covers

We now build our conical covers made from diamond plate aluminum.

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More HIgley Welding Products

Custom Planter Box's

alt="Higley welding custom above ground metal steel planter box's.

We custom make planter box's.With or with out bottom place. Email or call us for a quote.

Custom Fire Pit Cooking Grills

alt="Higley welding fire pit grill"

We build custom cooking grills to fit any gas grill along with custom fire pit grills.We use only 3/8" solid bar stock type  304 stainless steel. All bars are 100% tig welded around.

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Custom Sewing Machine Tractors

alt=" Orange sewing machine tractor Higley welding"

Page Details to be added soon. Call for info.

Rocking Wheel Chair Platform

alt="rocking wheel chair rocker platform.Higley Welding."

Wheel Chair Rocker Platform.Standard size approx 32" wide.500 lb wt capacity.

Custom sizes made also.

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3 wheel bike-trike axle.

alt="bicycle conversion axle assembly.Higley Welding"

Make any bike a trike in 10 minutes using our add on custom axles.

Adult Large All Terrain Tricycles

alt=" Adult large blue tricycle with seat backrest."

This all terrain tricycle goes across sand,gravel and grass. Holds 500 lbs.Frame will adjust big kids and adults  up to 7ft tall!

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We are a custom fabrication shop capable of custom building just about any product.

We are not a brick and mortar store however we do invite local visitors for pick ups by appointment only. call 763-438-0356


We ship UPS  - LTL Freight


30 days.Buyer pays return shipping.


We ship US 48 & Canada


We ship our fire pits,spark screens,dome conical covers,sand box digger backhoe's,wheel chair rocker platforms to the following states.Alabama, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oregon, South Dakota, Vermont,Wisconsin, Alaska, Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey, North Dakota, Pennsylvania ,Tennessee Virginia Wyoming ,Arizona, Connecticut, Hawaii, Iowa, Main, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas,Dallas,San Antonio,Washington, Arkansas, Delaware, Idaho, Kansas, Maryland, Mississippi, Nevada, New York, Oklahoma South Carolina Utah West Virgina Alaska ,Canada, Golden Valley,New Hope,Brooklyn Park,Brooklyn Center,Apple Valley,Burnsville,Bloomington,eden prairie,Hopkins,Minnetonka,plymouth,Woodbury,hudson.We ship to Chicago,Portland,Rochester,Cleveland,Miami,Key West,Dallas,Huston,Austin,  

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